Thanksgiving Address Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen

I created a few more audio file for my friends to hear one example of how I say the Thanksgiving Address in the Kanienkeha ( Mohawk ) language dialect.

I am not the greatest speaker, but I do speak every day. Some days my voice is awesome and other days it is obvious that I have allergies. I do my best to record when my voice is having an awesome day.

If you would rather listen to your own parents’, grandparents’, favorite local celebrity, or your own voice, I am happy to do all I can to make it possible for you to learn by listening to your choice of voices with your daily phone calls too. Just contact me and ask me :)


The following audio samples speak the ThanksGiving Address or what fluent mohawk language speakers call ‘ Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen ‘.

The ThanksGiving Address is often spoken before important events that bring alot of people together.  You may also hear it referred to as ‘The First Matter of Business’ , or Words Before all Else.

Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen is also part of the Medicine Wheel teachings that you can learn about from the Traditional Medicine Program in Akwesasne ( village of St. Regis ).  Akwesasne Traditional Medicine phone:  (613) 575-2341

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