Mohawk language translations: love & like

I love you = Konnorónhkhwa
We all love you = Kwanorónhkhwa
I love him = Rinoronhkhwa
You like him. = Tshenon:we’s
I love them = Khenorónhkhwa
You love me. = Takenorónhkwa
You all love me. = Takwanonróhkhwa
Give me a kiss. = Takenerónhkwanion
Give me a kiss. = Teskenonronhkwanion
You love us. = Takwanonrónhkhwa
You two love us. = Takwanonrónhkhwa
You all love us. = Takwanonrónhkhwa
I love you Grandma. = Konnorónhkhwa ákso
Rest in Peace = skén:nen tsi satonríshen
You will be missed & never forgotten = enkwaia’tí:sake tánon iáh nonwèn:ton thaonsakwaia’ta’nikónhrhen.
You will be missed & never forgotten. = enkwahnhà:ten tánon iáh nonwèn:ton thaonsakwaia’ta’nikónhrhen.
You will be missed & never forgotten. = enkwaia’tahnhà:ten tánon iáh nonwèn:ton thaonsakwaia’ta’nikónhrhen.
he = raónha
she = akaónha
it = aónha

These are ROUGH translations. Remember each dialect & family & individuals & age groups have their own way of speaking, pronunciation, spelling, and beliefs – all are valuable to know about. Some speak slowly, some speak fast, some pronounce with a rolling rl sound, some are not able to make specific sounds, others pronounce the “r” as if it were an “l”, many have diverse religious & political practices that also affect the language that is spoken today.

Practice speaking with live human beings & respect each individuals’ way of speaking. It’s best to practice without a machine and actually speak eye to eye, face to face with human beings – with Gratitude and with Respect for All of Creation. I try to mimic fluent speakers that make time to try and help me to speak and gain confidence to speak with them.

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