Mohawk language translation: Counting, Weekdays, Places

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Free eBook Gift: Kanienkéha translations: counting and weekdays.

Monday / 1st Place = Kiokierénhton
Tuesday / 2nd Place = Tékenihaton
Wednesday / 3rd Place = Áhsenhaton
Thursday / 4th Place = Kaié:rihaton
Friday / 5th Place = Wiskhaton
Saturday / 6th Place = Ià:ia’khaton
Sunday / 7th Place = Tsiá:tahaton
8th Place = Sha’té:konhaton
9th Place = Kióhtonhaton
10th Place = Oié:rihaton
One Week = Tsiáhia’:khsera
Weekend = Ontahia’ksero:kten

1 Énska     2 Tékeni     3 Áhsen     4 Kaiéri     5 Wisk
6 Iá:iak     7 Tsiá:ta     8 Sha’tékon     9 Kióhton     10 Oiéri
11 Énska iawén:re     12 Tékeni iawén:re     13 Áhsen iawén:re
14 Kaiéri iawén:re     15 Wisk iawén:re     16 Iá:iak iawén:re
17 Tsiá:ta iawén:re     18 Sha’tékon iawén:re     19 Kióhton iawén:re
20 Tewáhsen iawén:re     21 Tewáhsen énska     22 Tewáhsen tékeni
23 Tewáhsen áhsen     24 Tewáhsen kaiéri     25 Tewáhsen wisk
26 Tewáhsen iá:iak     27 Tewáhsen tsiá:ta     28 Tewáhsen sha’tékon
29 Tewáhsen kióhton     30 Áhsen niwáhsen
31 Áhsen niwáhsen énska     35 Áhsen niwáhsen wisk
40 Kaiéri niwáhsen     45 Kaiéri niwáhsen wisk
50 Wisk niwáhsen
60 Iá:iak niwáhsen
70 Tsiá:ta niwáhsen
80 Sha’tékon niwáhsen
90 Kióhton niwáhsen
100 Énska tewen’niáwe 110 Énska tewen’niáwe oiéri
150 Énska tewen’niáwe tahnon wisk niwáhsen
199 Énska tewen’niáwe tahnon kióhton niwáhsen kióhton
200 Tékeni tewen’niáwe
300 Áhsen tewen’niáwe
400 Kaiéri tewen’niáwe
500 Wisk tewen’niáwe
600 Iá:iak tewen’niáwe
1000 Oié:ri Tewen’niáwe     1001 Oié:ri Tewen’niáwe tahnon énska
1999 Oié:ri Tewen’niáwe tahnon kióhton tewen’niáwe táhnon kióhton niwáhsen kióton
2000 Tewáhsen tewen’niáwe
2014 Tewáhsen tewen’niáwe tahnon kaié:ri iawén:re
3000 Áhsen niwáhsen tewen’niáwe     5000 Wisk niwáhsen tewen’niáwe
9000 Kióhton niwáhsen tewen’niáwe     10,000 Oié:ri niwáhsen tewen’niáwe
80,000 Sha’tékon niwáhsen tewen’niáwe     100,000 Énska tewen’niáwe oié:ri tewen’niáwe
1,000,000 Énska million     9,000,000 Kióhton million

These are ROUGH translations. Remember each dialect & family & individuals & age groups have their own way of speaking, pronunciation, spelling, and beliefs – all are valuable to know about. Some speak slowly, some speak fast, some pronounce with a rolling rl sound, some are not able to make specific sounds, others pronounce the “r” as if it were an “l”, many have diverse religious & political practices that also affect the language that is spoken today.

Practice speaking with live human beings & respect each individuals’ way of speaking. It’s best to practice without a machine and actually speak eye to eye, face to face with human beings – with Gratitude and with Respect for All of Creation. I try to mimic fluent speakers that make time to try and help me to speak and gain confidence to speak with them.

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