Daily Mohawk Language Phone Call example

You can request that we customize your daily phone calls with any mohawk language word or phrase that you wish. Wouldn’t your family love to hear your own tota or community leader’s voice ? Just ask us to record your favorite tota and community leader so you can listen to them on your phone every day!

Here is an example of one of my own daily phone calls. I receive this phone call every morning, so that I can practice counting. This example is fast because I already know how to count and I just need to practice every day so I can retain the information.

Monica’s Daily TalkMohawk.com Phone Call. Mohawk Language Counting 1 to 2000

If you are a beginner, your daily mohawk language recordings will be spoken slowly and include the english or french language word before the Mohawk language word is pronounced. When you become more accustomed to Kanienkeha ( Mohawk Language ), your daily phone calls will pronounce your words / phrases at a normal speaking speed with no english / french language.

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2 comments on “Daily Mohawk Language Phone Call example
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    Host Mohawk Language meetings at your home, office, school, and church. Use your speaker phone so your entire group can hear and repeat the daily mohawk language phone calls together.

  2. Kaly White says:

    Awesome! Since I received my phone call I have been counting from 1 to 99 almost every morning. It REALLY helps me.