iPod_touch_Vertical_main_mohTalk Mohawk mobile apps are designed to be fast, easy, and effective for all ages. The straightforward interface doesn’t require training to find and hear words.  Simply tap a word or phrase to hear it. Search is always at the top so you can quickly find any word or phrase.  Talk Mohawk mobile apps are ready to use right away with no need for training nor setup.

You can also contact us to request that we add specific words and content to future upgrades or create a customized mobile app for you and your group or your favorite mobile device.  Volume discounts, affiliate incentives, contests and giveaways are also coming soon.

A new mobile app is scheduled to be published every 4 to 6 weeks for all popular mobile devices.  The audio translations are based on what the most people ask for, so send your request.

Upcoming Mohawk Language Mobile Apps

The following versions and features are scheduled to be published very soon.

  • Sound charts.
  • Sentence builder: home.
  • Sentence builder: school.
  • Sentence builder: travel.
  • Sentence builder: elders home.
  • Sentence builder: medical office.
  • Sentence builder: restaurant.
  • Sentence builder: shopping.
  • Sentence builder: banking.
  • Sentence builder: wilderness.
  • Sentence builder: gardening.
  • Sentence builder: socializing.
  • Sentence builder: romance.
  • Sentence builder: friendship.
  • Sentence builder: hobbies.
  • Thanksgiving Address: basic and advanced.
  • Male and Female Voices.
  • Gamification.

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