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Press Release: Talk Mohawk 2013 mobile app with 300+ audio translations

Summary: Talk Mohawk 2013 is the newest Android mobile app available from It was published on November 17th 2013 and includes more than 300 translations with audio files from both male and female speakers.  The words & phrases are

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iTunes & LinkShare Pay you to Share Links to Talk Mohawk Mobile Apps.

I notice that alot of my online friends are sharing a link to my Talk Mohawk mobile apps and I appreciate that so much! Did you know that you can be paid each time someone buys a Talk Mohawk mobile

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Monica Peters creates Mohawk language app. January 24, 2013 | 31#3 For a couple years Monica Peters has been writing Computer Corner for Indian Time, trying to make navigating around a computer a little easier for us computer illiterate folks. We are so very proud

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Smartphone app aimed at aiding Mohawk language growth. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2013 BY ANDY GARDNER, DCO Monica Peters of Akwesasne recently unveiled Talk Mohawk, a smartphone application designed to teach people the Kanienkeh, or Mohawk language. Monica Peters of Akwesasne recently unveiled Talk Mohawk, a smartphone application

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I want to hear my own Grandmother speaking Mohawk

I can develop a custom mobile app that lets you learn with audio from your own fluent Grandmother or any favorite fluent speaker’s voice on any of your favorite mobile devices.  Contact me for details.  The finished mobile app can

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Mohawk Fish vs. Many Fish vs. Fishes

I just got some awesome feedback from local fluent speakers.  A small group of people were looking at my mobile app for the first time and it started a great discussion about the different ways of talking about fish, fishes,

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Talk Mohawk 2012 Mobile app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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Thanksgiving Address Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen

I created a few more audio file for my friends to hear one example of how I say the Thanksgiving Address in the Kanienkeha ( Mohawk ) language dialect. I am not the greatest speaker, but I do speak every

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