About Accessories. Accessories are created with teams of artists, fluent speakers, teachers, students and engineers.  We choose accessories that are hand made and integrate those with various technologies to create human friendly language revival solutions. They are real world objects that provide one tap access to a knowledge base filled with multi-media to help humans see and hear the language of their choice. Accessories include wrist watches, jewelry, clothing, outdoor business signs, calling cards, student text books, bags, purses and most any object that can help human beings to revive languages from any location at any time.

How to Use Accessories.

  1. Tap your mobile device to the Accessory.
  2. Your mobile device will show relevant content (translation via audio, video, text…)
  3. Some content requires your Login so that we can confirm your access license to our content.
  4. Remember your own username and password. Keep it safe from being lost or stolen.
  5. *** access licenses are available for schools, businesses, and any group. Contact to discuss.

Where to use Accessories.

Use them anywhere and everywhere to give you instant access to language revival audio, video, text and other relevant content.

Why Use Accessories?

  1. Fast easy simple way to help busy mobile human beings revive languages of their choice from any location at any time.
  2. Freedom to move with instant access to relevant content anywhere anytime.
  3. Helps humans break free from sitting at desktops.
  4. Helps humans to continue conversations with fellow humans in person, eye to eye.
  5. Creates true experiential immersive learning environments from every where each human being chooses to live their life.

What are Accessories good for?

  1. True Immersive Experiential Learning Environments that are unique for each human being’s learning style, preferences and abilities even while it changes based on time of day, lifestyle, seasons and busy schedules.
  2. Supports language revival work of the entire team so that every individual involved in the efforts are able to continue the work with affordable solutions. Each individual receives and shares equal portion of every single sale to every single individual that purchases anything from language revival solutions.
  3. is a self-sustaining model based on the traditional Onkwehonwe views that can be roughly translated to English views with the phrase “It takes a whole village to raise a child…” and “Building community solutions with the unique strengths of individuals”.  Many of our fluent speakers are not software engineers and have no interest in supporting the internet and machines the way that many of our youngest people have grown accustomed to. supports all the people, connects their views and strengths even while each individual may be coming from extremely opposite sides of Natural World and Internet World. We are all related in this web of life and “Endangered” Language Revival is a valuable pursuit in today’s world and certainly for the good health of future generations.